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When Emperor Go-Mizuno retired in the 17th century, a new palace was constructed for him in the imperial grounds. The building was razed in 1854, but his gardens remain, and are well worth a look. Designed by Kobori Enshu, the most acclaimed architect of his generation, the gardens are built around two large ponds. The pebbles on the beach were donated by a feudal lord from Odawara, 300 kilometres away, who had each stone selected for size and shape, then individually gift-wrapped in silk. The Imperial Household Agency conducts twice-daily, hour-long tours in English, but all visits must be approved in advance. It’s essential to apply online.

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Review updated October 2009


Kyotogyoennai, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

Transport Imadegawa station (Karasuma line).

Telephone 075 211 1215

Open Tours 10am, 2pm Mon-Fri.

Admission Free

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