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‘Do you remember me?’

Art  |  May 28 2010

Ryoichi Yamazaki creates nostalgia – and hikikomori


Lyota Yagi: ‘Zu den Sachen selbst!’

Art  |  May 25 2010

Art as a tripwire to the consciousness at new space Snac


Manika Nagare: interview

Art  |  May 21 2010

Contemporary artist unites Turkey, Japan and New York art worlds


Edo era gossip media

Performing Arts  |  May 18 2010

Ningyo-joruri-bunraku and the news pulse of the 17th century


Jesper Haynes’s New York

Art  |  May 05 2010

Photographer chats with Time Out before exhibition’s finale


London scene, Tokyo gallery

Art  |  Apr 30 2010

London’s East End artists come together at Taro Nasu

‘One-Touch Time Machine!’

Art  |  Apr 27 2010

Geisai # 6 darling Erina Matsui has solo show

Keith Haring’s poster Heartland

Art  |  Apr 14 2010

20 years on, Keith Haring spreads his message in Roppongi

Geisai #14: a Tokyo original

Art  |  Apr 08 2010

Time Out Tokyo goes to a one-of-a-kind art event

NACT nods to contempo art stars

Art  |  Mar 23 2010

‘Artist File 2010: The NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art’

Return of the Art Deco queen

Art  |  Mar 09 2010

De Lempicka’s restrained glamour hits Tokyo

Enchanted by ‘Sylvia’

Performing Arts  |  Feb 25 2010

Christopher Newton choreographs a classic for The Tokyo Ballet


Hyakudan Hina-matsuri

Performing Arts  |  Feb 16 2010

Competing beauty: Hina dolls vs Edo Period architecture

Noguchi’s geometric zoo

Art  |  Dec 21 2009

Time Out Café & Diner hosts young artist’s solo menagerie show


Get inside ‘Medicine and Art’

Art  |  Dec 18 2009

Mori Art Museum shows the lifeblood of creativity

Montmartre meets Shibuya

Art  |  Dec 16 2009

Bunkamura brings Paris to a corner of Tokyo

A choir of complaints in Tokyo

Art  |  Dec 14 2009

Duo bring relief with a choir of complaints for MAM Project 10

David Bray’s Japan redux

Art  |  Dec 09 2009

UKAdapta artist tells us what inspires him


‘Close Encounters’ lands in Tokyo

Art  |  Nov 25 2009

Adapta Gallery hitches its stars to Ebisu

Sebastião Salgado’s ‘Africa’

Art  |  Nov 24 2009

Experience contemporary Africa in Ebisu

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