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Clubs , Film , Music , Performing Arts , Art & Culture , Bars & Clubs  |  Oct 30 2013

This entertainment district certainly has a rather questionable reputation, but it also ...

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: PonPonPon

Music  |  Jul 09 2011

The new queen of Harajuku has a PV out. Let us know what you think


Naruyoshi Kikuchi: the interview

Music  |  Oct 05 2012

War, madness and Lupin III: the saxophonist and DCPRG leader tells all



Bars , Film , Art , Music  |  Apr 07 2015

This Koenji event space for art and music puts on a rather random programme, with performances ...

Hi-Fi Record Store

Shops , Music  |  Jan 05 2015

Found along Meiji-dori, Hi-Fi stocks a wide range of analog records, with genres including ...

Ueno Park Open-Air Stage

Music , Performing Arts  |  Sep 12 2012

This open-air amphitheatre in the south-west corner of Ueno Park may not get used as often as ...

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Music , Museums & Attractions  |  Jul 12 2012

Built for the 1964 Olympics, the Kenzo Tange-designed Yoyogi National Gymnasium continues to ...

Bay Hall

Clubs , Music  |  Apr 15 2011

When international touring acts actually deign to make at stop in Yokohama, this is usually ...

Maia Barouh: Top 5 songs

Music  |  Jan 04 2011

French-Japanese artist names the five Japanese songs she wants you to hear


Maïa Barouh: interview

Music  |  Nov 18 2010

A musician influenced by experiences in Paris, Tokyo and across the globe


Diskunion Secondhand Centre

Shops , Music  |  Jan 05 2015

The second and third floors at Shibuya's Diskunion shop are a haven for collectors looking for ...

Lady Gaga: Born This Way

Music  |  May 25 2011

Stefani Germanotta steers clear of the sophomore slump


Mona Records

Music , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Apr 01 2015

Mona Records is one of the many musical outlets for young artists in Shimokitazawa. Occupying ...

Liquid Loft

Clubs , Music  |  Jul 09 2013

While it usually just functions as an overflow for Liquidroom or our very own Time Out Café ...

Tim Robbins: the interview: Part 1

Film , Music  |  Aug 15 2011

Hollywood legend talks fame, folk and flesh biting


Songs on our doorstep: Tenniscoats

Music  |  May 13 2011

Experimental duo drop by for fun with music and balloons


Park Hyatt Tokyo and NIGO® team up

Music  |  Nov 16 2009

Park Hyatt Tokyo releases ‘TOKYO SUITE Selected by NIGO®’

Top five club gigs in Tokyo this weekend

Clubs , Music  |  Sep 02 2015

Our pick of the very best parties in and around the big city


Interview: Shintaro Sakamoto

Music  |  Aug 26 2014

How a steel guitar and an ‘insect voice’ inspired the empty world of his new solo album


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