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Love hotel luxury in Kawasaki

Around Town  |  Nov 29 2012

Kyoichi Tsuzuki books a room at the flamboyant Geihinkan

Photo gallery: Madonna Night

Gay & Lesbian , Around Town  |  Apr 16 2012

Drag queens and material girls descend on Shinjuku Ni-chome

Tokyo's coolest kakigori

Restaurants & Cafés , Around Town  |  Jun 02 2015

The best frozen desserts to beat the summer heat

50 things to do in Koenji

Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Explore Tokyo's coolest 'hood, along with its neighbours Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo – ...

A brief history of kawaii

Around Town  |  Jun 27 2013

A new book explores Japan’s obsession with all things cute


Things to do this week in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Jun 19 2013

What to watch, wear, listen to and eat around the capital this week


Four best beaches near Tokyo

Around Town  |  Aug 01 2014

Plus bentos for the train journey and B&Bs for overnight stays

Interview: Taiyo Matsumoto

Art , Around Town  |  Aug 27 2013

The cult manga artist gets personal in ‘Sunny’


Marshmallow 3D reveal all

Around Town  |  Aug 19 2011

‘We’re like the erotic Perfume,’ say the fondler-friendly idol group


Tokyo by area: Kichijoji

Tokyo Area Guide , Around Town  |  Mar 15 2010

Bohemian kitsch & more

Tokyo by area: Roppongi

Tokyo Area Guide , Around Town  |  Sep 30 2009

Moving on up- Tokyo's sleaziest area gets another facelift


10 things you didn't know about Hachiko

Around Town  |  Jul 31 2015

The life and times of Japan's most loyal pup

Top tattoo parlours in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Feb 17 2015

Brush up on Japan’s history of skin art, then find out where to get yours in Tokyo


Get the autumn issue of Time Out Tokyo magazine

Around Town  |  Sep 30 2014

Your guide to the 100 best shops in Tokyo


Roppongi’s Zombie Bar

Around Town  |  Jan 11 2013

Kyoichi Tsuzuki parties with the undead – and lives to tell the tale

Back in time with Manet

Museums & Attractions  |  May 11 2010

The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum’s inaugural exhibition

Public eye #10

Around Town  |  Mar 29 2010

Nanaha Tsukishiro (22) at Geisai #14, Tokyo Big Sight

Enjoy the sound of Tokyo trains

Around Town  |  Feb 23 2010

Forget the sights, focus on the sounds

Photo of the day: Yakiimo from the future

Around Town  |  Mar 05 2015

Photos by Mari Hiratsuka

Iroha: not your average vibrator

Around Town  |  Feb 28 2013

Adult goods maker Tenga unveils its first, oh-so-discreet sex toy for women


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