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Interview: Taiyo Matsumoto

Art , Around Town  |  Aug 27 2013

The cult manga artist gets personal in ‘Sunny’


50 things to do in Koenji

Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Explore Tokyo's coolest 'hood, along with its neighbours Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo – ...

Love hotel luxury in Kawasaki

Around Town  |  Nov 29 2012

Kyoichi Tsuzuki books a room at the flamboyant Geihinkan

A brief history of kawaii

Around Town  |  Jun 27 2013

A new book explores Japan’s obsession with all things cute


Tokyo’s top onsen

Museums & Attractions  |  Jan 25 2013

Where to enjoy a relaxing hot-spring bath – without leaving the capital

Tokyo by area: Kichijoji

Tokyo Area Guide , Around Town  |  Mar 15 2010

Bohemian kitsch & more

Budget hotels and hostels in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Mar 06 2015

Cheap places to stay in Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Minami-Senju and beyond


Top tattoo parlours in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Feb 17 2015

Brush up on Japan’s history of skin art, then find out where to get yours in Tokyo


30 things to do in Tokyo for free

Around Town  |  Feb 20 2014

Time out for nowt in Japan’s costly capital


Photo of the day: Koenji Awa-Odori

Around Town  |  Sep 01 2015

Photos by Kunihiro Miki

Things to do this week in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Aug 31 2015

This week’s hottest events, gigs, films, festivals and more


Things to do this week in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Aug 03 2015

This week’s hottest events, gigs, films, festivals and more


10 things you didn't know about Hachiko

Around Town  |  Jul 31 2015

The life and times of Japan's most loyal pup

Tokyo's coolest kakigori

Restaurants & Cafés , Around Town  |  Jun 02 2015

The best frozen desserts to beat the summer heat

88 things to do in Tokyo

Around Town  |  Apr 30 2015

From the obscure to the obvious, your time in Tokyo starts here

Area guide: Kamata

Shops , Film , Restaurants & Cafés , Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  May 15 2014

Winged gyoza and other finds in the traditional heart of Ota

101 things to do in Shinjuku

Around Town  |  Feb 05 2014

From cult art to decadent ramen, this is our guide to Tokyo's sprawling entertainment centre

Time Out Tokyo magazine launch

Around Town  |  Oct 28 2013

Free English-language magazine: Tokyo's magnetic appeal condensed into 84 rich pages


A guide to Japanese whisky

Bars , Museums & Attractions  |  Aug 26 2013

Giving the Glens a run for their money

Photo gallery: Stop Nuclear Power Demo

Around Town  |  May 07 2011

Anti-nuclear power demonstrators take the streets of central Tokyo

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