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Hotel East 21Tokyo

Hotels  |  Aug 06 2010

A hotel that boasts a distinct 19th century European décor and a status as a designated ‘Tokyo ...

Keio Plaza Hotel

Hotels  |  Aug 05 2010

The lavish decor that once made this Tokyo’s most prestigious hotel now looks seriously dated ...

Hotel Juraku

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2010

Located an approximate two-minute walk from the Hijiribashi exit of Ochanomizu Station (JR Chuo ...

Tokyo for ¥10,000 a night

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2010

5 Tokyo hotels with rooms that won’t break the bank


Lotte City Hotel

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2010

Lotte City Hotel is the first hotel in Japan to be owned and operated by food and shopping ...

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2010

A branch of the Ryokan Ryumeikan Honten, a company founded in 1899, Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo ...

B:Conte Ariake

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2010

This hotel caters to guests looking to rent a space in which to live for an extended period of ...

Gotenyama Garden Hotel Laforet Tokyo

Hotels  |  Jun 21 2010

This luxury hotel has a Japanese garden spanning 6,800 square meter and is set among the year ...

InterContinental Yokohama Grand

Hotels  |  Jun 15 2010

Built in the image of a yacht sail billowing in the wind, and located not far from several ...

See Tokyo Sky Tree in high style

Hotels  |  Jun 01 2010

A ‘sense of place’ with a view of Tokyo Sky Tree


Gorgeous hanami hotel lunches

Hotels  |  Mar 24 2010

Lunches with spring flavours from ¥2,000


Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Hotels  |  Mar 23 2010

Just 16 minutes from Shinbashi, this Odaiba hotel gives off the ambience of a resort. Placed on ...

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Hotels  |  Mar 23 2010

A short walk from the subway and train lines, taking you through Asakusa’s famed Senso-ji ...

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Hotels  |  Mar 23 2010

Well known for its hostels, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro attempts to depart from the ‘backpacker’ ...

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Hotels  |  Mar 22 2010

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is located in the quiet area of Hatagaya, a quick 10 minutes from ...

Hotels for buffs

Hotels  |  Mar 17 2010

Rooms for fans of koalas to aeroplanes

10 hotels touting traditional tatami

Hotels  |  Mar 05 2010

Japanese-style rooms to make you WA

Luxe hotel breakfasts (part II)

Hotels  |  Feb 26 2010

Gourmet Japanese breakfasts for less

Luxe breakfasts on a budget

Hotels  |  Feb 19 2010

Gourmet hotel spreads from ¥2,000


Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo

Hotels  |  Jan 01 2010

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