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Tokyo swingers' clubs

Around Town  |  Jun 30 2011

One man's experience of a night at a Shibuya 'happening club'


Tokyo's most successful pick up lines

Around Town , Bars & Clubs  |  Jun 29 2011

We asked you which lines work. Here's what you said...


Interview: Taiyo Matsumoto

Art , Around Town  |  Aug 27 2013

The cult manga artist gets personal in ‘Sunny’


A brief history of kawaii

Around Town  |  Jun 27 2013

A new book explores Japan’s obsession with all things cute


New Sazae: a classic Tokyo gay bar

Around Town , Bars & Clubs  |  May 13 2013

Anything goes at this venerable Shinjuku Ni-chome club, open since 1966

Love hotel luxury in Kawasaki

Around Town  |  Nov 29 2012

Kyoichi Tsuzuki books a room at the flamboyant Geihinkan

Photo of the day: Sakura in Arisugawa Park

Around Town  |  Mar 31 2015

Photos by Kisa Toyoshima

Tokyo fireworks 2015

Around Town  |  Jun 23 2015

Explosions of colour light up the summer sky


Tokyo alleyway guide

Around Town  |  Aug 27 2014

Get a cheap taste of the good old days


The best Tokyo public pools

Around Town  |  Jul 06 2015

Jump into these cool and cheap municipal pools open to all comers


Breakfast at Tsukiji

Restaurants & Cafés , Around Town  |  Dec 26 2013

Take an early-morning tour of the famed seafood market

Photo gallery: Tokyo Jidai Matsuri

Around Town  |  Nov 04 2011

Asakusa’s parade crams 1,200 years of history into one afternoon

Marshmallow 3D reveal all

Around Town  |  Aug 19 2011

‘We’re like the erotic Perfume,’ say the fondler-friendly idol group


Photo gallery: Chair hockey hits Tokyo

Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 26 2011

Pics from the Herman Miller Aeron Hockey Pan Asia Qualifiers


20 things to do this weekend

Around Town  |  Jul 22 2011

Chair hockey, yukata contests, an oddly timed Oktoberfest and more


20 things to do this weekend

Around Town  |  Jun 10 2011

Demos, fireflies, pole-dancers and a very tardy St. Paddy's Day party


Takashi Uesugi: The Interview

Around Town  |  Apr 01 2011

Time Out meets the journalist who TEPCO love to hate

6 Tokyo Tweeters who kept the city informed

Around Town  |  Mar 18 2011

Time Out meets the foreigners to follow one week on

Photo gallery: Tokyo Marathon 2011

Around Town  |  Feb 28 2011

Mario, the Messiah and a mad Englishman star in this week's gallery


Enjoy the sound of Tokyo trains

Around Town  |  Feb 23 2010

Forget the sights, focus on the sounds

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