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David Lee Roth goes ‘Kill Bill’ in Tokyo

Film  |  May 23 2013

The Van Halen singer plays a hitman with a fondness for strawberry milk


A Little Bit of Heaven

Film  |  Dec 13 2011

Looking for a ‘cheap, forgettable weep’? Look no further!


10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend: Belle & Sebastian

Clubs , Film , Art , Music  |  Mar 03 2011

Join an indie love-in...


Lone Ranger

Film  |  Jul 22 2013

This Hi-ho Hollywood reboot can't ride off into the sunset soon enough


My Back Page

Film  |  May 24 2011

Student radicalism is a bit of a yawn in Nobuhiro Yamashita's new film


Jeff Bridges interview

Film  |  Dec 16 2010

Oscar winner talks Tron, the cha cha and True Grit with Time Out


10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend

Clubs , Film , Music  |  Mar 10 2011

Attend an album release party...


10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend: 4

Clubs , Film , Art , Music  |  Mar 10 2011

Go to a gig in a temple...


10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend: Asian Dub Foundation

Clubs , Film , Art , Music  |  Mar 03 2011

Lively dub yourself...


The birth of sake

Film  |  Jul 07 2015

Erik Shirai tells us what it was like to live with a group of Japanese sake brewers during the ...


Discover Tokyo's old-school cinemas

Film  |  Dec 19 2014

Double bills, classic films and a Showa-era atmosphere

Interview: Colin Hanks & Sean Stuart

Film  |  Oct 07 2014

Documenting the history of Tower Records



Film  |  Jul 14 2014

The film has grossed ¥50 billion worldwide, but how will it fare among loyal fans in Japan?


The Paperboy

Film  |  Jul 17 2013

‘Precious’ director Lee Daniels plumbs new depths of trashiness


The Woodsman and the Rain

Film  |  Oct 21 2011

Koji Yakusho and Shun Oguri charm in Shuichi Okita’s latest


The 20 films we can't wait to see in 2015

Film  |  Feb 06 2015

A new Bond, a new Star Wars, a new Terminator, plus movies from Scorsese, Van Sant and the ...

Grey matters

Film  |  Feb 03 2015

Jamie Dornan is about to bring literature’s biggest sexpot to the silver screen, taking the ...


Edge of Tomorrow

Film  |  Jun 27 2014

The Tom Cruise sci-fi-action version of 'Groundhog Day'


Pacific Rim

Film  |  Jul 09 2013

It’s mecha versus monster in Guillermo del Toro’s entertaining sci-fi epic


Fast & Furious 6

Film  |  Jun 27 2013

Rev the engine and put your brain in neutral: it’s time for another drive


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