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Clubs  |  Feb 19 2014

With drinks for ¥500, an impressive sound system and a normal closing time of 8am on weekends, ...


Clubs  |  Feb 05 2014

As is the case with most clubs/music bars in Akihabara, Mogra focuses on anime and game music, ...


Bars , Clubs  |  Feb 04 2014

It’s like a playground for grown-ups at this basement club, which recently made a comeback to ...


Clubs , Music  |  Jan 31 2014

Functioning mostly as a spillover space for Unit upstairs, this club also occasionally hosts ...

World nightclub survey

Clubs  |  Dec 21 2013

New Year's Eve in Tokyo 2013-14

Clubs , Music  |  Dec 13 2013

Everything from DJs to punk rebels - here's your guide to Tokyo's best countdown parties


15 minutes with Ken Ishii

Clubs  |  Dec 02 2013

The techno king talks Fashion Fuse, Tokyo club scene, and plans for the new year


Izumi Garden Gallery

Clubs , Art , Music  |  Nov 21 2013

This conveniently located and spacious event hall hosts everything from trade fairs and ...


Clubs , Film , Music , Performing Arts , Art & Culture , Bars & Clubs  |  Oct 30 2013

This entertainment district certainly has a rather questionable reputation, but it also ...

Celebrate Halloween

Clubs  |  Oct 22 2013

It's the perfect excuse to bring out that zombie costume


Maharaja Roppongi

Clubs  |  Oct 21 2013

This Roppongi club continues the traditions of its famous 1980s and 90s predecessor, utilising ...


Clubs , Music  |  Jul 19 2013

A popular gig spot for local indie bands with extremely tight budgets, this Shibuya live venue ...

Liquid Loft

Clubs , Music  |  Jul 09 2013

While it usually just functions as an overflow for Liquidroom or our very own Time Out Café ...

Tokyo police still don’t like late-night dancing

Clubs  |  May 27 2013

Roppongi ‘luxury entertainment space’ Vanity raided for violating anti-dancing law


0 Zero

Clubs  |  May 17 2013

The closure of Aoyama club Loop in 2013 wasn't the end: some of the venue's staff ganged up to ...

New Sazae

Bars , Clubs  |  May 13 2013

This gay bar and disco in Shinjuku's Ni-Chome district has been around since 1966, and it still ...

Nishi-Azabu club Eleven due to close

Clubs  |  May 08 2013

The Tokyo hotspot formerly known as Space Lab Yellow is shutting its doors... again


Soul Clap: the interview

Clubs  |  Apr 24 2013

Eli Goldstein talks EDM, illegal raves and working with George Clinton



Clubs  |  Feb 20 2013

Only a few weeks after Azabu-Juban club Warehouse702 closed its doors for the last time, the ...

Bay Side Yokohama

Clubs , Music  |  Jan 21 2013

There's space for over 1,000 people across the various rooms at Bay Side Yokohama, though the ...

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