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Interview: James Blake

Music  |  Nov 26 2013

His second album is inspired by a Transatlantic love affair, but the 24-year-old singer is more ...


Meet the new king of J-pop

Music  |  Nov 14 2013

If you don’t know it already, Yasutaka Nakata is a name to remember. With his third smash of ...


Celebrate Halloween

Clubs  |  Oct 22 2013

It's the perfect excuse to bring out that zombie costume


Interview: Ryoko Aoki

Music  |  Aug 06 2013

We talk to the noh performer about breaking the mould of traditional theatre


Live report: Fuji Rock Festival ’13

Music  |  Jul 31 2013

Nine Inch Nails and Death Grips ruled at this year’s rainswept fest


Interview: Dempagumi.inc

Music  |  Jul 01 2013

These Akihabara otaku are making idol pop for the mosh pit

Japan summer music festivals 2013

Music  |  Jun 25 2013

From Fuji Rock to Freedommune: a music fan’s guide to summer in Japan


Jim O’Rourke interview: transcript

Music  |  Jun 07 2013

The musical maverick talks about life in Tokyo, Led Zeppelin and saké


Interview: Jim O’Rourke

Music  |  Jun 07 2013

‘If I didn't have to ever play a show again, I'd be happy’


Live report: Taico Club ’13

Music  |  Jun 03 2013

The Nagano all-nighter keeps going strong, with Clark, Villalobos, et al.


Tokyo police still don’t like late-night dancing

Clubs  |  May 27 2013

Roppongi ‘luxury entertainment space’ Vanity raided for violating anti-dancing law


Interview: Giorgio Moroder

Music  |  May 21 2013

The iconic disco innovator: producer, songwriter, composer… and DJ


Giveaway: Computer Magic tickets

Music  |  May 20 2013

Hello Spacegirl! Get free tickets for the synthpop singer’s gig at WWW

Nishi-Azabu club Eleven due to close

Clubs  |  May 08 2013

The Tokyo hotspot formerly known as Space Lab Yellow is shutting its doors... again


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu goes dubstep

Music  |  May 07 2013

Check out the video for new single ‘Invader Invader’ – with added EDM


Giveaway: DCPRG Yaon 2013 tickets

Music  |  May 02 2013

Win a pair of tickets to the prog-jazz-fusion ensemble's latest gig

Soul Clap: the interview

Clubs  |  Apr 24 2013

Eli Goldstein talks EDM, illegal raves and working with George Clinton


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu goes global

Music  |  Apr 10 2013

Follow the kawaii fashion icon’s exploits on a special website


10 minutes with How to Dress Well

Music  |  Mar 08 2013

Tom Krell chats R&B, philosophy and depression


Johnny Marr: the interview

Music  |  Feb 12 2013

From The Smiths to ‘The Messenger’: the influential guitarist finally goes solo


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