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Sooo Dramatic!

Around Town , Art & Culture  |  Feb 10 2015

City developers Dramatic, known for setting up artistic hubs and bringing new life to run-down ...

Ultra Super New

Art  |  Feb 04 2015

Displaying 'art you can experience', this gallery focuses on interactive exhibits and collabs ...

3DCG Theatre

New openings
Performing Arts  |  Feb 03 2015

Opened in spring 2015 in Yokohama, the world's first 3DCG holographic entertainment theatre ...

Rental Space Sakura Sendagaya

Art & Culture  |  Jan 28 2015

As the name suggests, this space can be rented for short-term events, whatever the occasion.


Shops , Art , Music  |  Jan 27 2015

Cult bookshop Hyakunen is situated in Kichijoji, opposite the Tokyu department store. Aside ...


Shops , Art  |  Jan 27 2015

Shelf specialises in photography books, from newly published to out-of-print editions. Found ...

Dui Yama

Art & Culture  |  Jan 27 2015

Owned by art unit 'Dui' (Atoko Ono and Gaku Todoroki), Dui Yama occupies a renovated ...


Gallery Septima

Art  |  Jan 27 2015

This Tachikawa gallery is worth seeking out just for the location: the Meiji-era warehouses ...

Wish Less

Art  |  Jan 19 2015

Found on a quiet street not far from the Yamanote line tracks, roughly a five-minute walk from ...

Show the Konparu

Performing Arts , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 16 2015

Ginza's one and only 'show restaurant' puts on a colourful parade of both cross-dressing and ...

Gallery Seizan

Art  |  Jan 16 2015

From past masters to promising newcomers, this gallery offers a wide range of inspiring art at ...


Art  |  Jan 09 2015

An invaluable refuge for artsy types with a couple of hours to burn, Mizunosora gallery is ...

Guardian Garden

Art  |  Jan 07 2015

Run by the Recruit conglomerate, this basement gallery features the work of young, ...

Tokyo Midtown Design Hub

Art  |  Jan 05 2015

Hosting exhibitions focused on industrial and product design as well as on advertising, ...

The prettiest hairpins you've ever seen

Art & Culture  |  Dec 31 2014

Artist Sakae tells us about the making of her handcrafted kanzashi


Canon Gallery S

Art  |  Dec 29 2014

Camera manufacturer Canon operates this photography gallery with a permanent collection of more ...

Tokyo Institute of Photography

Art  |  Dec 29 2014

Aiming to provide a place where photographers and other photo enthusiasts can get together, ...

Where to buy art

Shops , Art & Culture  |  Dec 25 2014

From Nakano to Jimbocho, here's our guide for art collectors


Komiyama Shoten

Shops , Art & Culture  |  Dec 18 2014

Japanese photography expert John Sypal calls this Jimbocho bookstore ‘four floors of ...

Gallery 360°

Shops , Art  |  Dec 18 2014

Gallery 360° has been in business since 1982 and has hosted exhibitions by artists like Sasaki, ...

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