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Wonder Photo Shop

Art , Around Town  |  Mar 12 2014

Take time to sort through your photos and then visit Fuji Film's new store, Wonder Photo Shop, ...

Koami Shrine

Around Town  |  Feb 19 2014

Although the details of its history are unclear, this shrine is said to have stood for up to ...

Intersect by Lexus

Around Town  |  Feb 10 2014

Car showrooms are so passé. Toyota's Lexus brand has come up with a new display concept by ...

Futako-Tamagawa Park

Around Town  |  May 07 2013

So new they haven’t even finished the whole thing yet, this park was partially opened to the ...

Suginami Ribbon-Kan

Around Town  |  Aug 02 2012

Asagaya's main community centre is a couple of minute's walk from the JR station, and serves as ...

Asagaya Shinmeigu Shrine

Around Town  |  Aug 01 2012

A couple of minutes' walk from Asagaya Station, Shinmeigu is the largest Tokyo-area shrine ...


Around Town  |  Jul 04 2012

Saitama Prefecture opened this ambitious creative industry hub in 2003, to mark the 50th ...

Takeshiba Ferry Terminal

Around Town  |  Jul 03 2012

Located under 10 minutes' walk from Hamamatsucho Station, this ferry terminal is the point of ...

Ueno Park

Around Town  |  Jul 14 2011

It's a mystery why so many guidebooks implore tourists to visit Ueno Park during their stay in ...

Sky Aquarium III, Roppongi

Around Town  |  Jul 13 2011

After taking last year off, Sky Aquarium at Roppongi Hills returns this summer to offer the ...

Himonya Dobutsu Hiroba

Around Town  |  Apr 19 2011

Himonya Dobutsu Hiroba is a great little place for families with young 'uns. Aimed at children ...

Adachi-ku Tochi Nogyo Koen

Around Town  |  Oct 28 2010

This park has a theme of ‘Play with nature, learn about nature, co-exist with nature’. It has ...


Around Town  |  Oct 10 2009

This bathhouse first opened in Ginza in 1863, during the dying days of the Edo period, and it ...

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