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Love hotel luxury in Kawasaki

Around Town  |  Nov 29 2012

Kyoichi Tsuzuki books a room at the flamboyant Geihinkan

Tokyo by area: Roppongi

Tokyo Area Guide , Around Town  |  Sep 30 2009

Moving on up- Tokyo's sleaziest area gets another facelift


Tokyo's best ryokan

Around Town  |  Dec 10 2013

Where to stay for a taste of traditional Japanese hospitality

Tokyo by area: Kichijoji

Tokyo Area Guide , Around Town  |  Mar 15 2010

Bohemian kitsch & more

101 things to do in Shibuya

Around Town  |  Mar 13 2015

The best places to eat, shop and play in Tokyo’s buzziest neighbourhood

101 things to do in Shinjuku

Around Town  |  Feb 05 2014

From cult art to decadent ramen, this is our guide to Tokyo's sprawling entertainment centre

Public eye: Run Girl Night

Around Town  |  Sep 20 2010

Nihon buyo rises to the challenge

Performing Arts  |  Jun 08 2010

Young blood raises the entertainment value of traditional dance


Edo era gossip media

Performing Arts  |  May 18 2010

Ningyo-joruri-bunraku and the news pulse of the 17th century


Galleries to watch

Art  |  Jan 27 2010

5 must-see, break-out galleries in Tokyo

10 things you didn't know about Hachiko

Around Town  |  Jul 31 2015

The life and times of Japan's most loyal pup

Pushing boundaries with TodaysArt

Art  |  Jul 30 2015

Olof van Winden doesn't mind ruffling a few feathers. In fact, finding friction in cities is ...


Tokyo's hotel pools 2015

Hotels , Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 13 2015

Take an extra-fancy staycation here


The best Tokyo public pools

Around Town  |  Jul 06 2015

Jump into these cool and cheap municipal pools open to all comers


Photo of the day: Tradition in Kabukicho

Around Town  |  Apr 23 2015

Photo by Halie Purdy

Photo of the day: Sakura along the Meguro River

Around Town  |  Apr 02 2015

Photos by Manabu Morooka

Being a drag queen in Tokyo

Gay & Lesbian , Art & Culture  |  Feb 10 2015

Pioneers of 'josou' culture Bourbonne and Esmeralda tell us how the scene emerged here, and why ...

The prettiest hairpins you've ever seen

Art & Culture  |  Dec 31 2014

Artist Sakae tells us about the making of her handcrafted kanzashi


PDA in Japan

Around Town  |  Dec 17 2014

How to deal with this cultural faux pas


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