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Asakusa Tokiwa Shokudo

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 10 2014

This wonderfully old-school eatery, found along Asakusa's central Kaminarimon-dori, has been ...


Shops  |  Sep 04 2014

Specialising in Saga-style ramen, a rare sight in Tokyo, Midori opened on an Asakusa backstreet ...

Tempura Nakasei

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 14 2014

You might be surprised by how many restaurants serve tendon (tempura over rice) in touristy ...

Komagata Dojo

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

You dine here much as you would have done a century ago – sitting on thin cushions at low ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Chanko-nabe is the legendary food of sumo wrestlers, said to help them put on those extra ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

The speciality at this Japanese restaurant is rice cooked with barley and served with a bowl of ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Stones, plants, bamboo latticework and a white noren (shop curtain) mark the entrance to this ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Comfort food in a funky wooden shack, within easy walking distance of Asakusa’s tourist sights. ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Otafuku has been serving oden since the Meiji era, in an old-school setting complete with paper ...

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