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Mouko Tan-Men Nakamoto Shinjuku

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Oct 10 2009

This noodle shop is hugely popular, due mainly to its great tan noodles. You’ll be welcomed ...

Fraser Place Shinjuku

Hotels  |  Sep 24 2009

This is a serviced and furnished apartment situated three minutes from Okubo station and 15 ...

Papi Chulos

Gay & Lesbian , Bars  |  Sep 17 2009

One of Ni-chome’s newest bars (opened in summer 2004), Papi Chulos is a friendly place, ...


Gay & Lesbian , Bars  |  Sep 17 2009

A small, inexpensive, formerly men-only bar that now admits everyone. Unusually long opening ...

Rags Room Acid

Clubs  |  Sep 17 2009

Finding the entrance to Rags Room Acid (formerly Club Acid) is a challenge in itself - a small ...


Clubs  |  Sep 17 2009

This swinging, foreign-owned Jamaican dancehall and reggae club could double as a walk-in ...


Art  |  Sep 17 2009

Epson uses its latest digital technology to create the enormous, impressively detailed photo ...

Shinjuku Marz

Music  |  Sep 17 2009

Funk, rock and J-pop - what the bands here have in common is the ambition to set off on a ...

Tac’s Knot

Gay & Lesbian , Bars  |  Sep 17 2009

Each month the walls of this tiny cocktail bar display the work of a different local gay ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Caught between the early post-war grunge of its immediate neighbours and the skyscraper bustle ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Manga coffee shops spread rapidly after emerging in the mid 1990s with a winning formula of ...


Recommended FREE Major venue
Shops  |  Sep 17 2009

Keio has womenswear and accessories on the first four floors; menswear on the fifth; kimonos, ...

Lumine Est

Shops  |  Sep 17 2009

Situated above the east exit of Shinjuku station, Lumine Est is chiefly notable for the Shunkan ...


Major venue
Shops  |  Sep 17 2009

Odakyu is split into two buildings connected by an elevated walkway and underground ...

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Recommended Major venue
Hotels  |  Sep 17 2009

Despite being Tokyo’s most decorated hotel, the Park Hyatt is perhaps now best known for its ...

Hanazono Manju

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 24 2015

The signature goodie at this old-school wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop, founded way back in ...

Shinjuku Awaodori

New openings
Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 24 2015

Awa-Odori performances take place all over Tokyo in August, but true fans of the Tokushima-born ...

Story Story

New openings
Shops  |  Aug 19 2015

Produced by publisher Yurindo, this store inside Shinjuku's Odakyu Department Store combines a ...

Ivo Homespasta Shinjuku

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 19 2015

Don't be surprised to see your plate filled to the brim with sauce at this unique Shinjuku ...


New openings
Museums & Attractions  |  Aug 14 2015

Kabukicho sure ain't what it used to be: the spring 2015 opening of Toho Cinemas Shinjuku and ...

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