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Hub Tokyo Dome City LaQua

Bars  |  Nov 06 2013

The Hub pub chain has become increasingly ubiquitous over the past five years and now boasts ...

Hub Ikebukuro West Exit Park

Bars  |  Nov 06 2013

The Hub pub chain has become increasingly ubiquitous over the past five years and now boasts ...

Yushima Kitchen

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 18 2013

The ‘miraculous’ food on offer at this Ueno-area restaurant is completely vegan, and served in ...

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

Hotels  |  May 08 2013

Bilingual staff, a well-stocked beer fridge and easy access to Ikebukuro Station make this ...

Toshima Kumin Center

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 02 2013

Spa LaQua

Museums & Attractions  |  Jan 25 2013

In many ways, LaQua feels more like a 'super sento' than an onsen. This sprawling bathhouse ...

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jan 09 2013

The Nakamoto restaurants are famous for their spicy ramen, and this flagship shop – eight ...

Rocco's New York Style Pizza

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Oct 09 2012

While Tokyo has seen a wave of serious-minded Neapolitan pizzerias open over the past few ...

Hotel Fukusen

Hotels  |  Jun 22 2011

Cheap hotels in Tokyo, especially those classed as 'business hotels', are often 'western-style' ...

University of Tokyo

Around Town  |  May 25 2011

Tokyo's most prestigious university received its charter in 1877, although it would go through ...

Koishikawa Botanical Gardens

Around Town  |  Apr 01 2011

One of two botanical gardens run by the Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, ...

Petit Monde

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 30 2010

A fruit parlour that’s part of Kudamono Fruits Sekimoto, located not far from Akabane Station. ...

Koi to Unagi no Marumasuya Sohonten

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 23 2010

Koi to Unagi no Marumasuya Sohonten can be found not far from the east exit of Akabane Station, ...

Ouchou Yum Cha Shop

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 01 2010

This restaurant is located right by the north exit of Otsuka Station. The bright yellow ...


Shops  |  Oct 10 2009

This small but famous Japanese confectionery shop in the residential area of Koishikawa sells ...


Gay & Lesbian , Bars  |  Sep 17 2009

The adverts for Spartacus say nobody ‘over 40 or ill-mannered’ will be admitted. As the club is ...

Tokyo Dome City

Major venue
Museums & Attractions  |  Sep 17 2009

The amusement park formerly known as Korakuen reopened in 2003 as part of an amusement complex, ...

Café Bach

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

All the beans are roasted on the premises of this dedicated coffee specialist in suburban ...

Adachi Park of Living Things

Museums & Attractions  |  Jun 02 2015

This brilliantly named facility inside Adachi-ku's Motofuchie Park consists of a greenhouse, a ...

Yama no yu Onsen

Around Town  |  Apr 03 2015

A retro public bath from the mid-Showa period, Yama no yu Onsen looks the same as when it ...

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