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One night only

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Mar 09 2010

Whet your appetite with the top chefs at CHEF-1 Night

Tokyo’s independent book shops

Shops  |  Dec 08 2009

Five of the city’s most innovative booksellers

Meguro Cinema

Film  |  Dec 16 2014

If the staff at Meguro Cinema aren’t working in costumes related to the movie currently ...


Some of the biggest successes on the Tokyo dining circuit come from the smallest places. One of ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Feb 17 2015

Tonki opened in 1939 and clearly hit a winning formula, as it’s seen little need to change ...

Kita Noh Theatre

Performing Arts  |  Aug 11 2014

This two-storey theatre in Meguro hosts Noh and kyogen performances.

Meguro Museum of Art

Art  |  Apr 30 2014

Opened inside the Meguro Citizens' Centre in 1987, this museum specialises in modern and ...

Meguro Fudoson Ryusen-ji

Around Town  |  Oct 23 2013

The Ryusen-ji temple, commonly referred to as Meguro Fudo, belongs to the Tendai sect. The ...

Rinshi-no-mori Park

Museums & Attractions  |  Jun 11 2013

Trees are the big attraction at this park, and for good reason: it started life as the Meguro ...

Public eye #12

Around Town  |  Apr 12 2010

Ito Shoji (38) near Toritsu-daigaku station

Meguro Gajoen

Museums & Attractions  |  Dec 23 2009

Built in 1935 and known as the Showa Era’s ‘Palace of the Dragon God,’ Meguro Gajoen was the ...

Nature Study Institute & Park

Museums & Attractions  |  Sep 17 2009

A primeval forest in central Tokyo? Yes, it’s a remnant of the ancient Musashino plain. ...

Otori Shrine

Museums & Attractions  |  Nov 07 2012

Aspiring and struggling business owners alike have been flocking to this shrine for years, on ...

Public eye #14

Around Town  |  Apr 26 2010

Tomitaro Zenchiku (30) at Matsumizaka

Find Tokyo’s trendiest labels

Shops  |  Jan 05 2010

The spots to shop for the hottest in young Japanese fashion design

Yakumo Saryo

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 22 2015

No Japanese tea ceremony would be complete without wagashi. These exceptionally pretty ...

Daiko Unten Tenshuro

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 08 2015

An authentic Hong Kong-style restaurant located along Meguro-dori, this one is easily spotted ...

Fruit Parlour Meguro (Kajitsuen Riiberu)

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Mar 09 2015

Fruit parlours are a postwar phenomenon – the Japanese equivalent of the US milk bar, but ...

Cuisine et Santé Lima

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Feb 18 2015

Opened in January 2014 as an extension of the Lima Cooking School, this vegan and macrobiotic ...


Shops  |  Jan 27 2015

Designer Kohei Nishimura is not shy on experimental cuts and his interesting silhouettes, which ...

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