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Todoroki Valley

Around Town  |  Mar 29 2011

To anyone just southwest of bustling central Tokyo, Todoroki Valley is something of godsend. ...

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futako-Tamagawa

New openings
Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 26 2015

The blatantly sexist marketing aside (note to 'beer girls': you're supposed to like cream soda ...

Futako-Tamagawa Library Terminal

New openings
Around Town  |  Aug 19 2015

Tokyo pioneered the cat café, so why not try a shopping mall library next? That's exactly what ...

Good Meals Shop Futako-Tamagawa

New openings
Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 19 2015

Opened in May 2015 inside the Futako-Tamagawa Rise shopping centre, this warmly-lit restaurant ...

Salez et Poivrez

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Aug 06 2015

Recognized in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015, this European-style restaurant sits just behind ...

Tamagawa Takashimaya Garden Island department store

Shops  |  Jul 09 2015

A branch of the popular Takashimaya department store chain, the Garden Island complex is your ...

Bills Futako-Tamagawa

New openings
Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 03 2015

Breakfast supremo Bill Granger's empire just keeps on expanding, with Futako-Tamagawa now ...

Lunatique TokioPlage

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Apr 24 2015

Walk through Futako-Tamagawa's monstrous new shopping complex and head east to find this lone ...

Pastelería Mallorca

New openings
Shops  |  Mar 05 2015

Official purveyor to the Spanish court, gourmet deli and pastry shop Pastelería Mallorca will ...

Futako-Tamagawa Rise

New openings
Museums & Attractions  |  Jan 28 2015

Built along the pedestrian walkway connecting Futako-Tamagawa Station with this park, southern ...

Rakuchando Café

Restaurants & Cafés  |  May 02 2014

This charming café by the Tama River recently had a facelift, but the homely atmosphere remains ...

Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Shops  |  Aug 09 2013

Opened in 1969 as a suburban store, Takashimaya encompasses 11 floors, plus a basement floor, ...

Kinuta Park

Museums & Attractions  |  Jun 11 2013

First-time visitors are often surprised to discover this verdant expanse of lush grass in ...

Futako-Tamagawa Park

Around Town  |  May 07 2013

So new they haven’t even finished the whole thing yet, this park was partially opened to the ...

Oshman’s (Futako-Tamagawa branch)

Shops  |  May 07 2013

The Futako-Tamagawa branch of sports chain Oshman’s takes full advantage of its surroundings, ...

BBQ Village

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 06 2011

The company behind the BBQ Village concept runs a similar set up in various locations around ...

Dominique Saibron Rapide

Shops  |  May 25 2010

A high-class Parisian-style bakery that opened on April 16, 2010, Dominique Saibron Rapide is ...


Shops  |  Apr 27 2010

If you have a hankering for some Kabuki-za specialty confectionaries, then the Daikokudo ...


Museums & Attractions  |  Oct 10 2009

Spread across 45 acres of grassy land, this park is equipped with various horse-related ...

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