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Sky Duck

Around Town  |  Jul 24 2013

When a conventional tour just won’t do, hop aboard this amphibious bus, which plies the streets ...

Ekimise Asakusa

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jul 02 2013

The shopping complex that sits atop Asakusa's Tobu line station was restored to its early ...

Ueno 3153

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 19 2013

The name of this Ueno dining complex is actually a clever tribute to 19th century samurai ...

Medicom Toy Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi

Shops  |  Oct 30 2012

Housed in the Solamachi shopping mall adjoined to Tokyo Skytree, the flagship shop for popular ...

Asakusa Shrine

Museums & Attractions  |  May 10 2012

Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu commissioned this famous Asakusa shrine in 1647, enshrining the three ...

Oedo Ueno Hirokojitei

Performing Arts  |  Oct 10 2009

This theatre is located on a corner of the Ueno Hirokoji intersection where Chuo Dori and ...

Hotel Sunroute Ariake

Hotels  |  Sep 29 2009

Hotel Sanroute Ariake, an affiliate of Tokyo Disney Resort, is the hotel closest to Tokyo Big ...

Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

Hotels  |  Sep 29 2009

Located in Ariake, Tokyo, this hotel offers free shuttle buses to and from the hotel, leaving ...

Scai The Bathhouse

Art  |  Sep 17 2009

Formerly a bathhouse (the building is over 200 years old), this high-ceilinged space in a ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Chanko-nabe is the legendary food of sumo wrestlers, said to help them put on those extra ...

Kasai Rinkai Park

FREE Major venue
Museums & Attractions  |  Sep 17 2009

Located on the waterfront at the eastern edge of the city, close to Tokyo Disney Resort, this ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Sep 17 2009

Tokyo’s most famous tofu restaurant was founded way back in the Edo period by a tofu-maker ...

Ryokan Shigetsu

Hotels  |  Sep 17 2009

Barely 30 seconds from Asakusa’s market and temple complex, yet surprisingly peaceful, the ...

Ueno Tsukuba Hotel

Hotels  |  Sep 17 2009

A basic business hotel in Ueno, the Tsukuba is clean and good value for money. Rooms are tiny, ...

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Major venue
Museums & Attractions  |  Sep 17 2009

This large museum’s outlandish architectural style may not appeal to everyone, but the building ...

Men-ya Kissou

Restaurants & Cafés  |  Dec 31 2015

This well-rounded shop can be found right by Eitai-dori in the area between Kiba and Toyocho ...

Misuji Bathhouse

Museums & Attractions  |  Aug 03 2015

There are many ways to feel nostalgic about the past. In Tokyo, taking a bath at Misuji ...

Kanamachi Park

Museums & Attractions , Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 06 2015

Situated close to the Kanamachi water purification plant, this is the oldest public park in ...

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