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Nakamise Dori

Recommended Major venue
Shops  |  Sep 17 2009

This avenue of stalls and tiny shops leading up to the entrance to Senso-ji in Asakusa is the ...


Shops  |  Aug 04 2015

Both as a studio and a retail store, this leather shop stands out from the rest. Leather ...

Asakusa Naniwaya

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Jun 02 2015

This taiyaki (fish-shaped dessert) specialty shop offers a shaved ice treat called Asayake, ...


New openings
Shops , Restaurants & Cafés  |  Apr 06 2015

Opened in March 2015 upstairs from the casual Suke6 Diner, this rustic bakery serves up tasty ...

Ink Stand by Kakimori

Shops  |  Nov 18 2014

Asakusa's stationery great Kakimori is the force behind this ink-only specialist shop that ...


Shops  |  Sep 04 2014

Specialising in Saga-style ramen, a rare sight in Tokyo, Midori opened on an Asakusa backstreet ...

Mokuba Showroom

Shops  |  Jul 08 2014

Having cultivated relationships with boutique brands ranging from Louis Vuitton to Lanvin and ...

Good Fellows

Shops  |  Jun 09 2014

Love popcorn, but don't feel like queueing for hours at one of the 'trendy' shops like Doc ...

Top 15 Kappabashi souvenirs

Shops  |  May 14 2014

What to bring back from Tokyo's fun 'Kitchen Town'


Shops  |  May 12 2014

Find chochin lanterns with texts like 'yakitori' and 'izakaya' at this fun shop in Asakusa's ...

Niimi Soushoku

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Want to start up your very own roadside Japanese eatery? Begin by picking up some necessary ...

Utsuwa no Tousho

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Pick up traditional Japanese tableware and ceramics at this shop, located in Asakusa's 'Kitchen ...

Kappabashi Maeda

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Ceramics specialists Maeda temporarily moved to this location due to construction at their main ...


Shops  |  May 12 2014

Fittingly located on the north side of Asakusa’s Kappabashi (aka Kitchen Town), this specialist ...


Shops  |  May 12 2014

Satisfy all your Japanese tableware needs at this Kappabashi shop that sells finely crafted ...

Propack Kappabashi

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Specialising in necessities for restaurants and bars, this six-floor complex sells everything ...

Miki Shoten

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Find all the cooking equipment you need at this old-school shop that features tall shelves, ...

Niimi Yoshokkiten

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Located in the heart of Asakusa's 'Kitchen Town', this tableware and kitchen tools wholesaler ...

Asai Shoten

Shops  |  May 12 2014

Asai Shoten sells baking pans, cookie forms, bowls and other baking equipment, including a fun ...

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